Audiobook For Japan 2011



100% of proceeds go to the appeal

Written by William Elliott Griffis
Read by Various

Music by Jon Nicholls, SNK Music, AKM Music
Produced & Directed by Neil Gardner 

(c) 2011, A Ladbroke Productions Release

The recent devastation in Japan caused by the earthquake and tsunami has shocked the world. We at Spokenworld Audio, alongside our friends and partners at Ladbroke Productions (Radio) Ltd are unashamed Japon-ophiles...we just love the place, the people and the culture. We have some great friends in Japan, and we felt it was important that we do what we could to help out.

JAPANESE FAIRY WORLD, STORIES FROM THE WONDER-LORE OF JAPAN has been produced by Neil Gardner at Ladbroke Productions in just a few days, with the incredible kind help and talents of many of the UK and US's finest Voice Over artists. With beautiful music donated by Jon Nicholls and Seb & Kayvan at SNK Music (and additional music from AKM Music). Within you will find 25 short-stories from the rich heritage of Japanese folk-tales. From demons and gods, to the creation of the Earth and the naming of mountains.  

Over 3.5 hours of fabulous audiobook readings!

100% of the money raised from the sale of this unique audiobook will be donated by Spokenworld Audio and Ladbroke Productions to the RED CROSS JAPAN TSUNAMI/EARTHQUAKE APPEAL. We will even donate the VAT as well!

We encourage you to purchase the complete audiobook, but if you would prefer to, you can also buy each story individually (a slightly more expensive option!). The complete set comes as a zipped folder containing the 25 stories plus an introduction and end credits...all as high quality stereo 192kbps mp3 files...ready for importing into iTunes or on to an mp3 player of your choice!

Before we get to the list of stories, let us tell you the incredibly generous readers who gave their time, talent (and studios!) to make this project a reality. If you are a producer/director, please take it from us, these people are fantastic and well worth hiring:

RAMON TIKARAM (yes, Ferdie from This Life...ace!)

NATALIE COOPER (who also helped organise the voices...what an angel)

PETER DICKSON (the voice of X-Factor and so much more, buy his app at

PATRICK LUNT (legendary voice over!)





HELEN QUIGLEY (click here for website)



TAFF (he promises us he has a surname, but it is on a 'need to know' basis apparently!)


GEORGE WASHINGTON III (click here for website)


JUSTIN BARRETT (click here for website)




The cover art was created by Tanja Glittenberg.

Dark Fiction - Narration - Ides of March

Dark Fiction Magazine - Issue 5 - The Ides of March

Well, the Ides of March have come. Ay, they have come, but they are not gone…

The moon is full, the god of war, Mars, is celebrated and Brutus delivered his plot against Caesar on this day. Sounds like our sort of thing. So in true Dark Fiction style we have some more stories for you…

Story: The Honour Guard by Paul Finch (read by Marty Perrett)
Story: The Loving of Ghosts by Simon Bestwick (read by the author)
Story: Lest We Forget by Tracie McBride (read by Alasdair Stuart)


More Dark Fiction wonderment for your ears. In this edition I read Paul Finch's story The Honour Guard.


The BoxRoom Podcast #55

Join Marty and Jen as they banter off about their adventures at the SFX Weekender and the beigeness of BBC's Outsiders. Also under the microscope, among a whole heap of other awesome, are Being Human, Babylon 5, Dragon Age 2, Felicia Day's Dragon Age webseries Redemption and  the Thor and Captain America movies.

If you have any feedback -- or just want to contact the BoxRoom team -- you can contact us at marty@boxroomboy.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Direct Download: The BoxRoom Podcast #55

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How Buff Is Your BoxRoomBoy?

I should update really, that's why I got myself this place after all!

Things that currently bother me:
In a bout of a general depressive type period, I have had little to no motivation for doing anything at all. I need to practice bass for the gig in August, I need to narrate a story for Dark Fiction Magazine, I need to work on Lost Bearings 2, I need to start a new Marty/Danny blog post like the one we've just done here:

I need to build a shrine to Blane for his excellent picture work and for liking us too! I need to stop whinging and get on with it really.
The time I have for doing anything like the above is evenings and weekends and I find myself curled up on the sofa watching (currently) Babylon 5 (and bloody enjoying it too) and feeling sorry for myself.
This is all not-well and bad stuff but is countered by...

Things that currently make me grin:
Jen's appreciation for her Kindle (was so worried she wouldn't like it, being such a loyal proper book type person).
The work I do with Danny, the rebirth of the BoxRoom Podcast, that I'm wanted for narration, wine, pizza, the way Jeb always looks hungover and my general creative imaginings that will one day be out in the world.
This is all well and good stuff!

Now the days are getting longer I can actually feel myself feeling better so now... now is the time for me to bloody well get stuff done and start enjoying life again please!

Drokk! My Brush With 2000AD

Was very happy while at the SFX Weekender, this alchohol saturated weekend just gone, to have won a specially made piece of artwork by Leigh Gallagher! How we got it home in one piece was something of a miracle in that wind blasted area of the country we had found ourselves in. But we did and it is currently safely taking centre stage in our living room.


This comes after I recently read a story from another 2000AD artist and writer, Liam Sharp, for the brilliant Dark Fiction Magazine. Liam has recently returned to Dredd after 20 years:

Liam Sharp Back on Dredd

PJ Maybe co-creator Liam Sharp returns to Judge Dredd for the first time in over twenty years when he draws ‘Blaze of Glory’, Megazine 305’s Dredd story, written by Al Ewing. The actors who all played screen superspy John Blaze come together in a tale of egos, acid showers and evil fembots!

His story, Emergency Exit, can be heard at Dark Fiction Magazine or the very handy player below:

There, that's all I've got on the matter. But it's all made me a very happy lad so... Eey!

BoxRoom Podcast #54

In the first of a new monthly run, Marty and Jen (and Oathkeeper) return with epic banterings on (amongst other stuffs) Being Human (Series 3 spoilers in the first half-hour), The Walking Dead, (older) Tron, (the lesser) Wicker Man, Scott Pilgrim, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2, and beyond! Just don't mention Danny Wallace.

Episode Download: The BoxRoom Podcast #54

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The BoxRoom Podcast is not only a GeekPlanetOnline Podcast, but also a proud member of The Legion of Tangent. Visit the Legion for a fine range of Podcasts on a variety of subjects, all bound by the power of GEEK!

Something of a Maverick

That's the title of a fictional pilot episode I used in Lost Bearings starring the sentient ted himself, Jeb. Was pleased to hear on the telly the other day the music I used for the theme tune. Took me right back to when I made that particular episode and how much it made me laugh to record and put it together.

In the scene Jeb's flatmate Terry has found a video cassette with this show on that Jeb has tried to keep secret from the world. I've often wondered what else is on that tape, did Jeb record any other shows featuring sentient teds? Were they variations on popular classics? Were they original concepts?
Only Jeb, and now Terry, know for sure.

It's that kind of pondering that is starting to stuff my head with nuggets of ideas for the more-than-likely-now Lost Bearings 2.

Other projects currently breathing down my neck are the continuing Soldiers of Tangent (new ep out at the weekend) and The Bearcast Series 3, both working alongside that Danny Davies fellow.
So all that stuff, plenty of it, and maybe even a return to The BoxRoom Podcast? Mmm!

Danny Davies Presents The 2010 Review of the Year 2010


Danny Davies is joined by journalistic luminaries Brad Thornton, Marty Perrett, Vlad Coivington and Richard Clungespoon to look over the year that was known numerically as 2010 and linguistically as Esperanto in a Bulgarian accent. Join them as they look at the seminal events that shaped the year.

You can listen to the review via the player or you can download it directly via pagan fairy magic...”


via GeekPlanetOnline

New Website - New Year

Eey! is alive!

Really glad to get that sorted and out of the way so I can concentrate on working on proper stuff again.

2011 is going to be a cracker of a year, I bloody hope. There’s plenty up my brain hole to be going on with. There’ll be more narrations, more Bearcast, more Lost Bearings, more Soldiers of Tangent, more BoxRoom Podcast even! And much stuff to come will be in collaboration with that Danny Davies fellow too. We are planning plans as well as doing the Bearcast and Soldiers of Tangent together so it’s all going to be very bloody flipping bloody good.

Jen and I have done a plan of sorts of what we want to achieve this year, traditionally planned in the pub inbetween drinking and drawing silly pictures. Can’t remember what’s on mine now... it’s in the other room. Something about stuff and suchlike. I’m sure it’s all achievable.

Cheers, everyone! I hope you continue to enjoy me. I’ll make it worth your while!